Sunday, February 21, 2010

chirp chirp chirp :)

I tried my hand at screen printing... there were some mistakes, a little confusion, and A LOT of mess.  I took pictures and recorded my process.  Unfortunately, it was with my cell phone, so they're not of the best quality.

I sketched out an idea really quick, scanned it and fooled around with it using the pen tool in illustrator.

Then I drew it out by hand (since my printer decided to quit) onto vellum.  I used acrylic paint since it's the most opaque/fast-drying medium I have.

Then came the confusing part... the instructions said to use a "150W clear bulb or a BBA No.1 Photoflood bulb.  Either should be fitted with a foil pie tin."  I don't have those bulbs, so I collected all the desk lights in my room and added up the watts.  I figured it would be close enough.  However, I did have a foil pie tin, so I taped that on, haha  Then I covered everything up with an old bed sheet, turned off the lights in my room, and kept my fingers crossed.

Success!  I washed it out and got my image.. it was a little blurry, but that was expected... I didn't really follow the directions well.  And yeah, this is my shower :3

I had to work fast to prevent the ink drying in the screen... I made my own ink because the speedball kit didn't have enough colors, but my ink dried pretty fast, and I risked ruining the screen.  Wow...typing this I realize I don't follow directions well at all.  Anyway, I screened the pink parts first.

and done!  Here's one scanned:

Not the cleanest lines, but I had fun and now I know how to screen print for future projects :)

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Cherise Ward said...

wow! I love this! where can I find how to screen print?